You know it's an election year when you see some agents employ underhanded tactics to try to influence our elections by any means.

In Richland County today, we have an individual working to do just that while working in the shadows. His name is Jordan Hall. In March, a group was formed with the state called, “Conservatives United for Richland County.” Its president is Jordan Hall. The group’s treasurer is his wife.

With such a lofty name, the group sounds like something conservatives can identify with but knowing who is behind it, and being familiar with his history of misguided views and heavy-handed tactics, the group does not reflect the views nor does it have the support of a majority of conservatives or Republicans in Richland County.

Aside from this, he has also recently created the “Montana Daily Gazette" — a blog that circulates around Facebook that by all outward appearances looks like a credible news source but is simply nothing more than his biased and unsubstantiated commentary and opinion. Its goal is to influence the public with a regular stream of personal attacks on members of our community backed not by facts but distortions. Typical of someone not able to debate their views in the open.

I’ve spoken to many area Republicans over the past few months about what he has been doing with our Republican Central Committee and can say that he doesn't hold the ideals and integrity of the vast majority of area Republicans.

If voters see advertisements or mailers in coming weeks with “Paid for by Conservatives United for Richland County” on it, or from the “Montana Daily Gazette,” voters should know who is behind the deceptive organizations, and be very leery of what he puts out.

Jim Steinbeisser

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