School board meeting football coaches

The board of trustees look on as some in the Sidney community pleaded their case to revote in favor of reinstating the Sidney football coaching staff on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

I realized a lot was different when I moved out here from Michigan back in September 2019. I have lived in fairly large cities all my life, so coming to a place with a population under 10,000 was new to me.

One thing I learned quickly is that there is a much greater sense of “community” here than where I came from. This is a tight-knit community. People know everybody and they care about making the community stronger.

This couldn’t have been clearer on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at the school board meeting at the District Office in Sidney for the revote on Sidney’s football coaches. After being dismissed from their coaching duties a couple weeks prior, the revote reversed the earlier decision and will allow them to continue as the coaches for the 2020-2021 school year.

I’m not going to speculate on why they were let go in the first place. I don’t know enough details, and based on the meeting, I’m not sure anyone really understands why the votes went the way they did the first time around. People who have been in the community know a heck of a lot more than me, so I’m not in a position to speculate on the matter.

What I do know is people were mad, people were frustrated, and people were emotional about the Sidney football coaches not having their contracts renewed.

I read the impassioned comments on the Sidney Herald Facebook page. I went to the school board meeting for the revote and saw it in person. It was intense, but I expected nothing less from this community. They proved what I already knew as an outsider: This community has each other’s backs.

I don’t have a horse in the race, and I have never been a coach. After seeing the community’s reactions and reading the stories, however, it’s obvious they care about one another.

I think that means a lot more than wins and losses on the field. From what I could tell during the meeting, the sports coaches are providing these kids with wins in life.

Ultimately, that’s what matters.

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