I grew up in the Sidney area and graduated from Sidney High School. I have lived in Flint Michigan since 1966 and have returned home each summer to visit the family ranch in the Squaw Gap area. I have multiple myeloma and this year needed chemo. I was hoping I could get treatment at the Sidney Cancer Center. It seemed like it would be a simple process. I stopped in there the first day I was here. I gave them all my information and they said they would contact me. I didn’t hear from them so I called and they said they would need a referral from my doctor. I called and he sent that. I waited some more and the doctor said my procedure was not FDA approved. I called my doctor in Michigan. It is FDA approved. I called and told them that. I called the next week to see if they could get me an appointment. I talked to the director and she said the doctor was going to contact my Michigan doctor and she would contact me the next day. I waited by the phone all day. No call. I finally called at the end of the day and talked to the director. She said she hadn’t talked to the doctor but would call me in the morning. No call. I finally called and got voice mail I asked her to call. I finally drove to the hospital. The director was sitting visiting with the receptionists in the cancer center. She had no intention of calling me. We went to her office and she told me I wasn’t going to be accepted as a patient. I wish they would have me that two weeks earlier . I asked if Williston Cancer Center could do it. She did help me get in contact with them. I missed four treatments. I am very disappointed with the Sidney Cancer Center.

Thomas Thompson

Grand Blanc, Michigan

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