Steve Browne

Billionaire pimp to the wealthy and powerful Jeffrey Epstein apparently committed suicide in his cell while in federal custody last weekend, and almost nobody believes it. In fact, if you think he did people are probably looking at you funny.

Epstein was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison for procuring underage girls, a charge he skated on once before. He might even have cut a better, though not as good a deal in return for rolling on his customers.

Nobody is ever going to believe Epstein committed suicide, at least not by his own choice. So if Epstein was murdered in an attempt at damage control, it was a miserable failure unless whoever did it manages to cast the blame on someone else.

Though Epstein is not around to testify copious documents detailing his sordid flesh-peddling trade were seized from his residence. So this scandal is not going to be buried with Epstein. One wonders if that wasn’t his intent. Perhaps unwilling to face life in prison he decided to bring down the temple of power with one dramatic gesture.

Because it’s difficult to imagine how this could have been accomplished any other way. Current reports are there were only two guard on duty, overworked and on overtime. To fake a suicide by hanging requires physically overpowering a reasonably healthy man without obviously damaging him. And it goes without saying it leaves loose ends, the guards. Watch this space for further developments.

But perhaps Epstein was encouraged to suicide himself. Is there anyone that sorry excuse for a human being cared about? Could someone have delivered a message that their safety could be purchased with his death?

Who might that be and who has visited Epstein lately?

The problem is, the list of potential suspects is as long as the flight records of his personal plane the “Lolita express” to “pedophile island.” (Which by the way reportedly had a massive explosion and fire in January.)

Top of the list are of course, the Clintons. Bill Clinton appears in the flight logs at least 27 times.

Clinton conspiracy theorists of course point to the fact they seem to be very unfortunate in their friendships, given the number of associates who have died under unexplained circumstances, suicide (sometimes by hanging), unsolved robbery-murders, etc.

Direct evidence of murder is absent. However I will pose a hypothetical question. If the Clintons instead of being politicians had been care givers in various institutions which had a casualty rate like this, do you think there’d have been an investigation by now?

But they aren’t the only ones with motive. Epstein’s previous conviction for a paltry 18 months was served under conditions that amounted to house arrest. There are plausible claims he is protected by the intelligence community.

I say plausible because Epstein possessed information that gives leverage not seen since the fabled J Edgar Hoover files on rich and powerful people in politics, academia, show business, and even the British royal family!

And it is in the intelligence community that you find people with the skills required to fake a suicide and the ruthlessness to threaten an innocent for leverage.

And it might not even be ours. MI6 might see an advantage in covering for the Queen’s wayward boy Prince Andrew.

Some would like to blame Trump, but Trump in fact stands to gain from this scandal. Plus the intelligence community so obviously loathes him.

Whodunnit if anybody did?

Durned if I know. And I wonder if we ever will for sure.

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