Chase Waters

Chase Waters boxes out a Billings Central player during a free throw in the Eagles' loss to the Rams. Waters led everyone with 17 points in the game.

Chase Waters said his main role was to grab rebounds, but he was probably being modest.

As the biggest player on the Sidney High School boy’s basketball team, he has the task every night of dealing with the biggest players on other teams in the conference, a conference in which Sidney head coach Chad Quilling said had more size than his team.

Sidney has players capable of guarding in the post and scoring down low, but Waters, a freshman, is getting starts down low and has had to adjust to high school basketball right away to give Sidney its best chance at battling in the post.

Is Waters grabbing rebounds for his team? Sure. But he is also being relied on to provide scoring down low, sometimes against bigger competition, as well as be the only guy to really have the size and height to defend against big bodies.

So far, he’s done well against some of the size the team has faced, including leading all scorers with 17 points in a loss to Billings Central, while defending the Rams’ 6-feet-6-inches junior Brock Blatter well.

“it was pretty cool, I had a fun time. It was kind of overwhelming at first, but then I kind of adjusted into it because high school basketball is a lot faster than middle school,” he said of that game against Billings Central.

Getting to be a starter on a varsity squad is a great opportunity no matter the sport, and for Waters, it’s a great feeling.

“It’s fun to get to play with all these guys. I’ve watched them play for awhile, so it’s nice to finally be a part of it,” he said.

Waters came into his first high school season with the fundamentals you would expect from a post player.

He posts up well down low and can make moves to get open or get a shot off, and he can make good passes or even step out and hit a longer shot.

Quilling said Waters has done good in his role so far and knew what he was getting with him.

“I’ve actually coached him from his fifth grade year on in travel team, so I know those freshmen guys pretty well. He’s just physically ready more so than most freshmen just because of the sheer size, and he’s very athletic. People don’t realize how athletic he is until you see him run up and down the court,” Quilling said.

There are of course times where Waters makes a mistake or gets himself in a pickle, Quilling said, but the good outweighs the bad, he added.

Waters said that his goal is to be a key rebounder for the team and battle as well as he can against other teams’ size, but he thinks the team’s quickness helps the Eagles keep up with any size difference.

Waters is listed at 6-feet-3-inches tall and has good bulk, but even so, he will find himself having to work extra hard against some opponents because of their size.

Such is the unfortunate size problem that the Eagles have to work with, but they have done well so far and Waters will be a key player for them going forward.

He said his main goal and role is to rebound, but as the season goes on, he will be doing so much more for this Sidney basketball team.

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