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The headline is probably drawing a big “duh” reaction from folks who know the obvious, but in all honesty, one of the best things I have enjoyed seeing so far in the school year is the amount of multi-sport athletes at the local schools.

Going further than that, seeing these athletes succeed and perform exceptionally well in multiple sports has been a real treat.

I come from a high school that is the same size as Sidney High School, so multi-sport athletes are nothing new; friends of mine played baseball and basketball, or they played football and did different events in track and field.

What can happen sometimes, though, is a dual-sport or multi-sport athlete may focus more on one sport than the other or not perform as well in one sport, but the athletes at SHS, Savage, Fairview and Richey-Lambert excel at each sport they play.

These athletes are getting all-conference nods in multiple sports, and some are getting All-State recognition even in a sport.

For me, someone who wants to see athletes succeed and do well, seeing this amount of continued success by athletes in the county is great to see.

You may be wondering why I’m pointing out something that may be apparent for a lot of the fans, and really, I want to say thank you to the athletes, the coaches and the schools for putting on some great displays for me during my time here so far.

Great athletes and great athleticism are something to really appreciate, and when you see these athletes do these things on a consistent basis, it can become easy to put aside all the work that goes into it.

Getting an all-conference nod in one sport is tough enough, but doing it in two or three sports takes even more time and effort.

I’ve been pretty spoiled with the talent in the area since August, and I’m excited to see how these athletes perform in the spring sports as they start up.

So, again, I just want to say thank you to everyone involved for treating me to some great athletics so far, and specifically to all the athletes, keep putting that work in and keep competing because the payoff is amazing.

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