Deans play strong role for Sidney’s top-ranked wrestling program


Sidney High School seniors Christian Dean and Trevor Dean have been wrestling since their father, Mike, began taking them to practices when they were just 3 years old.

“Our dad was the coach,” Christian said of their young wrestling days in Wyoming. They couldn’t actually compete in matches, though. “We started to roll around on the mats,” Trevor said. Their mother is Melissa Dean.

Once they began to compete at the age of 5, they were able to gain much success with Trevor usually wrestling a weight class above Christian.

“If we weren’t winning, we were definitely placing high,” Christian said.

They noted that at a Rocky Mountain national meet, Christian won “the triple crown” while Trevor placed third in his weight class.

In about fifth or sixth grade, the look of the Dean brothers began to change greatly as Trevor experienced a huge growth spurt. By the time they were freshmen, Trevor was wrestling at 152 pounds while Christian was at only 103 pounds.

“My dad was little when he was young too,” Christian explained. “I’m like my dad when he was young. Trevor is like my dad when he got older.”

Wrestling at 103 pounds, Christian emerged as the state champion as only a freshman. 

Trevor, meanwhile, kept battling at 152 pounds as a freshman. “I just kind of accepted that there were a lot of seniors and juniors who were ahead of me,” Trevor explained.

At that time, Christian didn’t brag too much about his accomplishments. “I understood that I was wrestling at a lower weight class and mainly against wrestlers my own age.”

The junior year was a highlight for both wrestlers as the Eagles returned to the top of the Class A ranks as a team. Christian placed second and Trevor earned fourth individually.

This year, the Eagles are again off to a strong start as they attempt to repeat as state champions.

“Everybody has to wrestle to the best of their ability and stay healthy,” Trevor said of the keys for the rest of the season.

Trevor is off to a 14-5 record and hasn’t been taken down yet this season. Christian holds a 15-6 record. Both wrestlers have high goals heading for the state level.

“My goal is to win a state championship,” Christian said.

Trevor noted that he hopes to make the finals or win the state title.

Both are confident in the team’s chances at the state meet.

“We have more kids and more depth scoring points,” Trevor said.

Christian added, “Our alternates are just as good as those that are on the varsity team.”

The brothers also enjoyed success on the football field this past season. Christian earned All-State honors as a kick returner, was second team All-Conference at wide receiver and received honorable mention at defensive back. Trevor was voted second team All-Conference at center.

Each of them note that football is their favorite sport.


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