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Sidney Eagle Cooper McGlothlin, senior quarterback, goes for the carry during the first football game of the 2019-20 season on the Eagle’s home turf against the Havre Blue Ponies. Final score had the flock on top, 18-14.

The Eagles kicked off the 2019 season on a beautiful August evening with a game against the Havre Blue Ponies. The home stands were packed with excited and passionate fans.

Although the Eagles made some good plays in the first half, they really shined in the second. The first quarter kicked off after the Havre Blue Ponies scored the first points of the game running the ball from the 15-yard line and landing the extra point. Once the Eagles gained control of the ball, they ran some quality plays where they gained multiple first downs.

One of the first big plays of the night included quarterback Cooper McGlothlin launching the ball over 30 yards to wide receiver Jaxson Franklin. After a few more plays, the Eagles landed on the one-yard line. Running back Jett Jones received the ball from McGlothlin and pushed through the Blue Ponies defensive line for Sidney’s first score of the game bringing the score 6–7 after an attempted two point conversion.

Beginning the second quarter with a major play from defensive back Carter Johnson, the Eagles showcased their turnover skills. Johnson intercepted a Blue Ponies throw to the end zone and brought it down to the 33-yard line. The crowd roared and the Eagles sideline helped push Johnson to run past Blue Ponies offensive line with screams of encouragement.

The Blue Ponies however managed to fight back with a touchdown in the last 25 seconds of the quarter and successful one-point attempt. The score then became 6–14. However, the Eagles weren’t done yet.

With the Eagles last offensive attempt of the quarter, Sidney makes a huge first down with 13 seconds left of the half bringing them to the 40-yard line. The final play of the half was a game altering touchdown pass to Jaxson Franklin with zero seconds left on the clock bringing the score to 12-14 after an attempted two-point conversion.

Havre resumed possession in the second half, however their second play results in a fumble recovered by the Eagles. Eagles make good on the turnover as running back Riley Waters runs in for 6 with three minutes into the third quarter. The two-point conversion is no good making the score 18–14, placing the Eagles in the lead for the first time in the game.

The final quarter featured a late game drive by Havre and ended by an interception from Jaxson Franklin in the end zone. Havre’s final attempt to score was ended by a huge fourth-and-1 stop with 1:12 left in the game. QB McGlothlin knelt to run out the clock, securing Eagles the win 18 – 14.

The Sidney Eagles next game will be away on Sept. 7 against Livingston.

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