The District 1C and Eastern C Divisional volleyball tournaments have come and gone, and with that, some interesting headlines have come out of them.

This year, as was the case last year, both tournaments held some surprises and had a lot of great games, lending way to some things standing out about the teams in them.

Here’s a look at some topics of interest going forward with the teams involved in these tournaments.

District 1CDistrict 1C remains atop the Eastern C.

Last year and this year both, two 1C teams have been the ones to advance out of the Eastern C Divisional to the state tournament.

On top of that, 1C teams generally have better records heading into the divisional tournament, making the district stand out a little more than 2C teams.

In all fairness, Jordan, Circle and Broadus, the 2C representatives in the divisional, played really well and knocked out some 1C teams along the way, but 1C still has the edge.

With that being said, Circle is the last eastern team to win the state title, so 2c has some recent bragging rights in that regard.

After this year, though, there could be a shift in who reigns supreme, which takes us to the next point.

Changing of the Guard?Plentywood has been the top dog for a few years now, but next year, other Eastern C teams may have a good shot at knocking the Lady Wildcats off their throne.

While most of the teams from the divisional have seniors who will be leaving after this year, none have more than Plentywood.

Plentywood currently has seven seniors on its roster, more than half of the number of players listed on the divisional roster.

A team that good will surely have good players returning or coming up, but that’s a serious hit to take in experience, especially for a state contender.

Jordan has the second-most seniors departing with five, but otherwise, the other six teams are only losing a couple players.

In the case of Broadus, they won’t lose any seniors, and Savage is only losing one senior, for example.

With teams like this returning so much talent, or a team like Froid/Medicine Lake only losing two seniors from this year’s state team, a new top dog could be found next season.

Young TalentThe teams in the divisional, and some teams from District 1C that didn’t make it, have a lot of young talent. It will be exciting to see how that talent grows for next season.

Teams like Savage and Fairview are prime examples, as they had key players this season who are underclassmen.

Culbertson is another example, as the Cowgirls had some sophomores and freshmen with them at the divisional.

Broadus will be very dangerous next year, as the Lady Hawks won’t lose anyone and have a large group of juniors and sophomores coming back.

In talking about that change in the power at the top of the east, considering the teams that had huge success with young talent is important for next year.

With some postseason experience under their belts, those young players could very well drive their teams to the top next season.

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