Brody Skogen

Pictured is Brody Skogen, one of the Sidney wrestlers who has been ranked at the top of his class all season long.

You never want to be over-confident about or assume something will happen, but with the Sidney High School wrestling team, they have consistently shown that good things will happen.

Without a doubt, the Eagles have dominated opponents all year long without surrendering many points to their foes.

The Eagles faced the defending state champs from Class B and Class C and was able to handle them.

Sidney faced teams who finished in the top five at state last year and dominated them.

Even teams who were ranked highly in the state this year that faced Sidney stood no chance.

The Eagles also defeated a few out-of-state opponents, shutting out Williston and defeating Dickinson.

Point being, the Eagles have a lot of experience and wins under their belt coming into the postseason.

But, being the postseason, anything can happen, so when you’re watching the divisional this weekend, be ready for anything.

The action will be non-stop. With 11 total teams competing with full rosters, there will always be wrestlers sparring in the circle.

Throughout the season, Sidney has had wrestlers ranked at the top of their weight class or in the top five at least, so seeing these wrestlers continue their dominance will be a great sight to see.

One of the greatest things about the divisional is the range of teams coming to compete.

Teams like Sidney and Glendive (Dawson County) are representing the eastern part of the state, while a team like East Helena is driving approximately seven hours to compete.

Some talent that may not have been seen by eyes in Sidney will be coming to compete, and seeing new competition is always great.

Make sure to follow along with the Sidney Herald as we cover all the action throughout the weekend.

Here is a list of all the teams competing this weekend, and their team photos and rosters are in this section as well: Sidney, Dawson County, Custer County, Havre, Fergus, Billings Central, Park, Hardin, Laurel, East Helena, and Lockwood (not pictured).

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