After such a successful season, postseason honors were to be expected for Fairview High School football players, and the results are in.

Five different Warriors were named to an all-conference team for Eastern Eight-Man football, and two of those players were named to the All-State team.

The players who received honors are Kanyon Taylor, Hunter Sharbono, Tristin Skov, Martin Manuel and Jace Vitt.

On First-Team All-Conference for offense, Sharbono was named as one of the top running backs in the eastern conference.

On Second Team offense, Taylor was named as a quarterback, Manuel was named as a running back and Vitt as an end.

Defensively, Sharbono made First Team as a linebacker, Taylor as a defensive back and Skov as a lineman.

From the All-Conference selections, Sharbono and Taylor were named as All-State selections as well.

Along with the All-Conference and All-State honors, seniors from the east were selected for the 2021 Cleverly All-Star Senior Game.

Taylor and Skov were named to the team, and Vitt was named as an alternate.

Here is a full list of the postseason honors.

2021 Eastern Division All-ConferenceFirst Team Offense

Quarterback: Turner Tooke, Ekalaka; Reese Wirtz, Plentywood

Running Back: Cameron Brusven, Plentywood; Colter Oie, Scobey; Erik Field, MonDak; Hunter Sharbono, Fairview; Kyler Kempton, Culbertson

Center: Aiden Perkins, Culbertson

Guard: Josh Hammerly, Scobey; Colin Avance, Culbertson

End: James Kirkaldie, Culbertson; Easton Tommerup

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Kanyon Taylor, Fairview; Boen Tande, Scobey; Beau Berry, Circle

Running Back: Tugg Taylor, Circle; Kobe Nickoloff, Culbertson; Martin Manuel, Fairview

Center: Lane Wienke, Plentywood; Jaden Pardee, Ekalaka

Guard: Dakota Holbrook, Broadus; Ledger Pulvermacher, MonDak; Zack O’Neill, Culbertson

End: Jace Vitt, Fairview; Caydon Trupe, Plentywood

First Team Defense

Linebacker: Colter Oie, Scobey; Hunter Sharbono, Fairview; Cameron Brusven, Plentywood; Kyler Kempton, Culbertson; Reese Wirtz, Plentywood

Lineman: Josh Hammerly, Scobey; Aiden Perkins, Culbertson; Tristin Skov, Fairview; Beau Beery, Circle

Defensive Backs: Kanyon Taylor, Fairview; Turner Tooke, Ekalaka; Kobe Nickoloff, Culbertson

Second Team Defense

Linebacker: Erik Field, MonDak; Tucker Tooke, Ekalaka; Justice Bengochea, Culbertson; Jaron Taylor, Circle

Lineman: Cole Taylor, Scobey; Dakota Holbrock, Broadus; Colin Avance, Culbertson; Lane Wienke, Plentywood; Tate Marriage, Plentywood

Defensive Backs: Boen Tande, Scobey; Mitchell Youngman, Poplar; James Kirkaldie, Culbertson

Eastern 8-Player All-State Selections 2021

Colter Oie, Scobey

Reese Wirtz, Plentywood

Cameron Brusven, Plentywood

Hunter Sharbono, Fairview

Josh Hammerly, Scobey

Kyler Kempton, Culbertson

Aiden Perkins, Culbertson

Turner Tooke, Ekalaka

Kanyon Taylor, Fairview

Erik Field, MonDak

Kobe Nickoloff, Culbertson

Beau Beery, Circle

Colin Avance, Culbertson

James Kirkaldie, Culbertson

Cleverly All-Star Game Seniors 2021Colter Oie, Scobey

Reese Wirtz, Plentywood

Cameron Brusven, Plentywood

Josh Hammerly, Scobey

Kyler Kempton, Culbertson

Aiden Perkins, Culbertson

Turner Tooke, Ekalaka

Kanyon Taylor, Fairview

Erik Field, MonDak

James Kirkaldie, Culbertson

Tristin Skov, Fairview

Dakota Holbrook, Broadus

Lane Wienke, Plentywood


Mitchell Youngman, Poplar

Jace Vitt, Fairview

Tugg Taylor, Circle

Cole Taylor, Scobey

Zach O’Neill, Culbertson

Ledger Pulvermacher, MonDak

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