Derek Gackle

Fairview head coach Derek Gackle (middle) talks to his team during halftime of Fairview's win over Poplar on October 1.

Playoff time is just a week away from the last regular season games for Eastern eight-man football, and the inter-division playoff bracket is set.

The Eastern Eight-Man Division is broken up into an A and B sub-section, and the inter-division playoff will help seed the teams heading into the next round.

Although there is one regular season game left for most of the teams, including Fairview, the seeding for the playoff is set due to current team records and head-to-head wins.

Before we get to the seeding, here is a look at the current standings, which helped decide the playoff seeds.

A Sub-Conference

Fairview- 4-0 conference, 4-2 overall

Circle- 3-1 conference, 3-3 overall

MonDak- 2-2 conference, 3-3 overall

Broadus- 2-2 conference, 3-3 overall

Lodge Grass- 1-3 conference, 1-5 overall

Poplar- 0-4 conference, 0-6 overall

B Sub-Conference

Culbertson- 3-0 conference, 5-0 overall

Scobey- 2-1 conference, 4-1 overall

Plentywood- 3-1 conference, 5-1 overall

Ekalaka- 1-2 conference, 2-4 overall

Forsyth- 0-3 conference, 1-5 overall

With that said, here are the matchups for the inter-division playoff, which is set to happen on or around Oct. 16.

The No. 1 seeds, Fairview and Culbertson, will face off. Culbertson has emerged as a heavy-hitter in the Eastern Eight-Man Division and got an impressive win over Scobey, who went to the state championship game last year.

Fairview has continued a run of great seasons and ran away with the A sub-conference, earning big wins over Lodge Grass, MonDak, Poplar and Circle so far.

The remaining matchups are as follows: No. 2 seeds Scobey and Circle, No. 3 seeds Plentywood and MonDak, No. 4 seeds Ekalaka and Broadus and No. 5 seeds Lodge Grass and Forsyth.

The inter-division playoff games are going to be held at the sub-division A site, unless the two teams have already played there this season.

For example, this applies to the matchup between Fairview and Culbertson; Culbertson defeated the Warriors in Fairview to open the season. Other games that will take place at the B site are Scobey against Circle and Forsyth against Lodge Grass.

After the inter-division playoff, if challenge games for the No. 2 and No. 4 seeds are necessary, they will be played on October 23.

Since the regular season is winding down, another thing to look forward to are All-Conference selections.

The meeting to decide the players who receive the honor will take place on October 19, with nominations being sent in about a week earlier.

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