Results from the 35 and over (Old Pro)

North Dakota State Tournament held in Jamestown, North Dakota

Tolna — 9

Fairview — 5

Losing pitcher: Frank Hannduch

Leading hitters: Matt Herman, Jim Duffey and Carl Lindgren with two singles each.

Steele, North Dakota — 5

Fairview — 1

Losing pitcher: Carl Lindgren

Leading hitter: Carl Lindgren with two singles.

Jamestown — 8

Fairview — 3

Losing pitcher: Jerad Lematta

Leading hitter: Lucas Geiszler with two singles

Jamestown won the tournament.

Fairview’s new tournament is in August which is the Class A state tournament in Jamestown. This is the 40th year for Fairview Amateur Baseball. Boyd and Shirley Hardy are the team sponsors.

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