Warrior football team comes together in celebration after a win Friday night.

Fairview Warriors kicked off against the Plentywood Wildcats at home Friday night in hopes of getting their fourth win of the season and continuing their current undefeated record. It was the 2019 homecoming game for the Warriors.

Wildcats received the kickoff after winning the coin toss. The first drive of the game, not even a minute into the quarter, the Wildcats quarterback threw into a coverage and was intercepted by Cody Asbeck. After taking over on offense on the Wildcats side of the field, Asbeck had a 16-yard run for the first touchdown of the game followed by a two-point conversion. That was the start of the first touchdown of many for the Warriors. The very next drive for the Wildcats, it ended the way the first drive began. Alex Schriver intercepted the ball and ran it back for a pick-6 to make it 14-0.

Later in the quarter, Asbeck had a 47-yard run for a touchdown, however it was negated by a penalty on the play. It didn’t take long for the Warriors to get back in the endzone. After rolling down the field into enemy territory, Easton Hopes had a 7-yard run for a touchdown followed by another two-point conversion making it 22-0. Shortly after the kickoff to the Wildcats, the stout defense of the Warriors forced a safety by sacking the quarterback into the endzone resulting in 24-0.

The very next drive for the Wildcats stalled once again resulting in a punt. Asbeck, who had his last touchdown run taken off by a penalty, received the punt and ran it right back to the endzone for a 51-yard punt return for a touchdown. After the two-point conversion, the game was 32-0. Right before the first quarter came to a close, the Warriors found the endzone resulting in 40-0 score heading into the second quarter.

Fairview continued the onslaught with another touchdown shortly after the second quarter began. A 13-yard run for a touchdown, making it 48-0 after a two-point conversion. The very next drive, a defensive lineman/offensive lineman, who was out as a tight end, Hunter Whitmus was on the receiving end of a 16-yard touchdown pass. As the clock hit zero for the teams to head in for halftime, the score was 56-0.

As the teams came out for the second half, now going up against a running clock, another touchdown was put on the board for the Warriors making it 62-0. Near the end of the third quarter, the Wildcats were finally able to sustain a drive and get in the endzone for their first and only points in the game.

In the fourth quarter, the Warriors scored two more times, once from a 65-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Steve Rice and on a 14-yard touchdown run on quarterback keeper by Braiden Taylor. The final score of the game was 78-6. Coach Levi Seitz was very pleased with the performance by all.

“We had some younger guys get thrown in there towards the end of the game. They showed us that they are definitely learning and getting better. But probably the most impressive thing was how we started fast. We definitely try to make sure that we start fast and finish fast.”

Warriors enter a bye-week due to Lame Deer forfeiting their season. Their next game will be held Oct. 4 at Powder River County. Seitz wanted to use this game a launching pad for his team heading into the bye week and he believes they did just that.

“We try to encourage not letting up the whole game and we kind of want to keep this momentum rolling.”

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