Kanyon Taylor

Kanyon Taylor was named to the All-Conference list on offense and defense, and should be back there next year for Fairview.

With a great season comes recognition for the postseason honors, and six Fairview High School football players were awarded spots on the eight-man Eastern Division All-Conference list.

Brady Buxbaum, Easton Hopes, Kanyon Taylor, Garrett George, Steve Rice and Hunter Sharbono all made the list, both for offense and defense.

Buxbaum was one of the key cogs on the Fairview offense this year, and he was rewarded by being named to the First Team Offense in the All-Conference list. WHether he was taking a handoff in the backfield or catching a pass and gaining yards that way, he was always a threat to opposing teams.

Hopes may have made the flashier plays in his defensive role, but what he did on offense was just as important. He was named as one of two guards on the First Team Offense, as he was always creating space and opportunities for ball carriers and Taylor at the quarterback position.

Speaking of Taylor, he makes the Second Team Offense list as one of two quarterbacks in that spot. In his first year as starter, Taylor did a great job and made plays both with his passing and with his running abilities. Watch out for Taylor to take another leap next year as a senior and be in the First Team spot next time.

The person directly in front of Taylor this year and snapping him the ball, Rice, was given the right recognition for his play this year, making the First Team Offense as the only center on the list. Carrying the responsibility of snapping the ball well and blocking is a lot, and Rice did both well all season.

Sharbono is just a sophomore, but he made his presence known among the other ends (all seniors) that were named to the First Team Offense. He could block when needed to, and he made great catches and plays as a receiver. Expect his name to stay right here in the list for the coming years.

As great as all these players were on offense this year, they all did just as well on defense.

Fairview’s defense was all-around tough and tremendous this season, and that starts at the line of scrimmage.

Rice and Sharbono made First Team Defense as linemen, and what a duo they made going against opposing defenses. Not many players were able to truly stop them from getting into the backfield or causing problems at the line.

In the middle of the defensive formation sit the linebackers, and Buxbaum and Hopes got their recognition on First Team Defense in this position. Hopes was the one player, which every team has, that is always all over the field making tackles. Buxbaum was right there with him, and both were good when they dropped into coverage too.

That leaves Taylor and Geroge, who patrolled the secondary and made First Team Defense as defensive backs. Both did a great job as the last line of defense this year, defending passes well and not letting opponents get to make any big plays.

Along with the All-Conference teams, the All-State selections from the division were also announced, and Buxbaum, Rice, Sharbono, Hopes and Taylor all were selected.

Buxbaum, Hopes, Rice and Geroge were also listed for the Cleverly All-Star Game for seniors, and Paul Hardy was named as an alternate for the game.

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