Kanyon Taylor

Fairview quarterback Kanyon Taylor evades a tackler, with the help of a blocker, while looking downfield for an open receiver.

Fairview’s defense held on as long as it could.

They had repeatedly made plays to stop Scobey from scoring again, but eventually in the fourth quarter, the Warriors’ defense could not stop the pressure any longer.

Fairview lost 36-6 to the Scobey Spartans September 25, which was Fairview’s Homecoming game, and through three quarters, the game was still close.

At that point, Fairview’s defense was still hanging tough and not allowing Scobey to widen the 16-6 the Spartans had at halftime.

“I thought the defense played well once we made a few adjustments. We had a few guys step into positions they haven’t played as much and did really well. They also did a better job of tackling as a team,” said Fairview Head Coach Levi Seitz.

The problem was, though, that after the first quarter, when Brady Buxbaum scored on a running play, the Warriors did not score again. In fact, the times when Fairview put together a good drive and looked like they could score again, Scobey either made a stop defensively or Fairview committed a penalty or took a big sack, which pushed them back.

“Offensively we committed too many penalties, couldn’t get a running game going and did not execute on a lot of plays,” Seitz said.

Fairview got the ball to start the second half, but the Warriors could not convert on the drive.

Scobey started their first drive of the second half after the punt, and it looked like they were going to march down and put Fairview in a fairly big deficit to climb back from.

The Warriors’ defense was doing fine on the drive, stopping the Spartans quite a bit, but every time the Spartans were put in a third down situation, they converted.

It was about to end in a demoralizing fashion, seeing as how Fairview’s defense did well but was still met with a Scobey touchdown, but Scobey’s quarterback threw a pass to the end zone, which was tipped and intercepted by Buxbaum in the end zone.

The Fairview crowd was on their feet, the Fairview bench was hyped and momentum swung right back to the Warriors, who could get back in the game with a good drive.

Again, though, Fairview did not convert, this time due to a pass on a fourth down play falling incomplete.

Scobey did not convert anything on that drive, but the Spartans’ momentum for the rest of the game started on Fairview’s next drive.

On fourth down in their own territory, the Warriors tried to punt the ball, but Kanyon Taylor, the Fairview quarterback, had his punt blocked.

Scobey started the ensuing drive at Fairview’s 25 yard line, and when the fourth quarter started, it only took a little over a minute before Scobey scored, going up 24-6.

The next drive for Fairview was likely its last chance to score and try to make a comeback, but once again, nothing.

Taylor kept looking to make some passes downfield, but nothing ever opened up for him.

On that Fairview drive specifically, Taylor got sacked twice, putting Fairview in a 3rd and 40 situation that they could not convert.

The Spartans closed the game out by scoring with 7:38 left in the game to go up 30-6, and they scored one last time, with 1:10 left for the final 36-6 score.

Fairview’s defense did the best it could, but after being on the field so much and having to make so many plays, they could not stop Scobey in the fourth.

On top of that, Fairview’s offense could not move down the field with anything, passing or running. Nothing seemed to work, and Scobey was always there for a stop.

There were some errors made on the offensive side of the ball, but this game should not worry Fairview fans. The Warriors are used to putting up big numbers, so the offense will be fine.

There were some dropped passes, and some of Taylor’s passes were just a little out of reach of the receivers’ hands; these can be worked on.

Defensively, the Warriors looked great, and despite Scobey’s big scoring in the fourth, Fairview played really well.

The Warriors have another tough game ahead this week, as they host the undefeated MonDak Thunder, and Seitz said the Warriors will get everything cleaned up for the big game.

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