Mustafa Kara

Fairview High School volleyball head coach Mustafa Kara hits the ball to a player during practice in the North Gym on August 25.

It is the Fusion versus the Warriors.

It is Richey/Lambert versus Fairview.

The battle for bragging rights among Richland County schools starts Monday as the two schools battle to start their high school volleyball seasons.

Fairview hosts the Fusion at 4 p.m. to get the volleyball season rolling, after the Savage Warriors have already played a couple games August 27 and August 28.

Shasta Senner, the head coach for the Fusion, and Mustafa Kara, the head coach for the Warriors, are both ready to see what their teams can do and will be looking for some things out of their players.

Senner said she is ready to get the first game jitters out of the way, and she hopes to be competitive with Fairview.

“Fairview is well coached and they have some good players and I just want to be competitive with them and hope that we can play some good defense against them and get some offense going,” she said.

For Kara, he said one aspect of Monday’s games he will be looking for is how his freshman players perform.

“Let’s see how they adapt to the team because almost half the team is new, so let’s see how they are getting ready for junior varsity play or the team setting. Do they know how to be a teammate at the high school level?” Kara said.

He mentioned that with so many players this year, the most he has had during his time as coach, it will give him a lot of depth and opportunities. By getting a sense of where players are after the first game, it will help him figure out what lineups work and which players should play at certain positions.

Kara added that this is an important thing for him going forward.

The Fusion had a good team last year, so Monday’s game should be a good one, Kara added.

“We’re pretty excited. The first game is important to me to get relaxed and see what we can do and what we can’t, what we need to work on. That’s so important. I think we will be good, we always start good in our seasons for the last five years, we always enter the season strong,” Kara said.

Senner said that her team, so far, seems to be a good offensive team, and passing and defense are things the Fusion can still improve upon.

Otherwise, Senner said the team is excited that they get to finally play another team that is not themselves.

“I keep reminding the girls to be glad that we’re playing. We can deal with the masks and sanitizing and a lot of other things, just be glad that we’re playing because there’s a lot of kids around the country that aren’t,” Senner said.

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