When talking about accomplished high school careers, Jadyn Gackle’s resume definitely deserves some admiration.

As far as accomplishments and milestones go, she has hit every mark: She set school records (multiple in volleyball), she won a state title (shot put in track and field), she was an All-State player (in volleyball) and she was also valedictorian.

On top of all that, she is going to compete in track and field at the collegiate level.

With such a successful career up to this point, what could be the reason for her success?

“Well I don’t like to lose,” Gackle said with a laugh. “Being successful is a good feeling.”

It turns out that the drive to be successful stems from her family. She said that since she was little her father Derek, who is very involved with athletics, got the mindset instilled in her to learn from losses and get better.

On top of that, Jadyn has a younger brother, and she said she doesn’t want him to ever be better than her.

Looking at her resume, it’s probably safe to say she got a pretty good head start over her brother.

Now, as a graduate of Fairview High School, Jadyn took some time to reflect on her time in high school and what waits for her in the future.

While her accomplishment are a culmination of all four years in high school, her senior year turned out to be a good close to high school career.

Her accomplishments of leading Fairview to the state volleyball tournament, winning the shot put title and being named an All-State volleyball player happened this year. This year was also when she officially set a few volleyball records at Fairview, which were digs in a career, digs in a season and kills in a career.

If that wasn’t enough, she also has the girl’s shot put and discus record for track and field at FHS.

Jadyn said knowing this was her last year in high school, she went into it with a mindset of doing the best she can before she graduates.

During the volleyball season specifically, she said the players didn’t think about this being their last season; they just played to have fun.

A prime example was when Fairview went down 2-0 in sets three times in the Divisional tournament and won each of those games, securing a spot at state.

“We weren’t upset or flustered at all. We were just like, ‘Whatever let’s just play,’” Jadyn said.

Melissa Gackle, Jadyn’s mother and a math instructor at Fairview High School, has gotten to see Jadyn grow from different angles.

Of course, she has been a guiding light for Jadyn as her mother, but also taught Jadyn as a teacher. On top of that, as the yearbook advisor, Melissa has been the one taking photos of Jadyn at all her sporting events.

Melissa said it’s been a really cool experience to see Jadyn grow in different areas like that.

“I am super proud of her… she’s kind of finding a lot out about where her life is going and it’s exciting. Sad, but exciting,” Melissa said.

Melissa’s role as a photographer at Fairview sporting events has given her an even closer look into Jadyn’s growth as an athlete.

That drive, that want to not lose, started even when Jadyn was a child and didn’t want to lose board games, Melissa said.

“She’s always had high expectations for herself. She puts the bar high and sometimes stresses a lot to try to reach it. But she has never slacked at anything, whether it was academics, whether it’s sports, whether it’s anything. She just wants to do her best,” Melissa said.

While athletics were an important part of her life, doing well academically, as Melissa said, was just as important for Jadyn.

While playing sports year-round, volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and track and field in the spring, Jadyn never faltered in the classroom.

Her hard work in the classroom paid off, literally, as she also received a lot of scholarships that are going to help her pay for college.

Doing well academically all four years and getting those scholarships was great, she said.

Speaking of college, Gackle will be attending Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, where she will be part of the track and field team.

Jadyn said back in November she visited Black Hills State. She wanted to go there anyway, but after talking with the coaches and staff, she decided to do track and field there too.

She added that she is going to major in professional accountancy. Part of the inspiration for choosing that major was that when she visited Black Hills State, Jadyn talked with an athlete who was in the program already and recommended it.

During this summer, where Gackle has had more free time that she is used to, she said it’s been a little weird, but her high school resume wasn’t done growing just because school is out.

In the middle of June, Jadyn was chosen by the Montana Coaches Association to receive the Ralph Halverson scholarship, and late in June, the Sidney Kiwanis Club presented her with a plaque as one of the athletes of the year in the area.

Looking back, Jadyn has a lot to take in and remember from her time in high school, but she was able to sum it up pretty succinctly.

“Yeah, it was a pretty good time here,” she said.

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