Garsjo’s hair highlights auction

The senior players for the Richland Rangers were auctioned off during the Richland Youth Hockey’s Winter Showcase on Dec. 21.

Each player skated out and was bid on by community members. As 18-year-old Kyler Garsjo skated out his signature brunette hair flowed behind him. Dan Goss, the auctioneer announced that if the bid to “buy” this young man reached $3,000, Kyler would cut his signature locks and donate them to a charity that provides wigs to kids with hair loss. 

To some this may not seem significant, but to any Ranger fan or Sidney Eagle golf fan they know this young man has been growing his hair since his eighth grade year; getting an occasional trim to keep the ends neat but truly not cutting his hair for four years. 

As the bidding started, it seemed that Kyler’s hair was safe for the season, then in the crowd a few parents said well could we all pool money and reach the goal, spectators started handing money to one the bidders to get to the goal. In no time, the money was in hand and with his initial bid and donations from the crowd John Seitz won the right to cut Kyler’s hair for the first time in four years with a bid of $3,100. 

Following the auction, the 19u and Junior Gold teams, made up of high school students from Richland County scrimmaged with each other the players were split into two coed teams and played, two 15 minutes periods; although the winner of that scrimmage may not have been remembered the following day, the activity before and after will be talked about for years, viewable via the Richland Rangers Youth Hockey Facebook page is a video. that shows local stylist Toree Tofte braiding Kyler’s hair into 8 inch long braids, John Seitz as the lucky winner makes the first cut followed by Kyler’s teammates and girlfriend. 

Garsjo is well known throughout the NDAHA league for his hair but also his talent. He qualified for the NDAHA Showcase team as a sophomore and junior. Last April, he traveled with the team to St. Louis to compete at America’s Showcase, the North Dakota team earned the Roger Sharrer Sportsmanship Award. Garsjo will graduate from Sidney High School in May, plans for next year aren’t definite yet, he has been accepted to a few colleges but hasn’t made a decision on his future.


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