Richey/Lambert Fusion are gearing up for their volleyball season. Head coach Shasta Senner gave some insight into the year ahead.

How’s the outlook for the 2019-20 season?

I feel like if we keep working together and maintain positive attitudes with a next ball mentality we could really so some good things and have success.

What is the team currently working on for the upcoming season?

We are looking to become a better passing team and consistent and aggressive in serving.

How are practices going so far?

The girls are really focused and working hard, there is excitement for the season.

What is the team looking forward to this year?

Looking forward to competing and getting better and stronger as a team with each match.

Who do you expect to lead the team and why?

Lauren Krenning is a great all around player and a competitive, hard worker. She brings experience and leadership. Sarah Helmuth is our most vocal player, which in volleyball is so important. She is a smart player with really nice setting hands. Courtney Herman is back after missing last season with an acl injury and is looking strong. We are also looking to Laurel Sponheim to do some great things. Isabelle Fatzinger is also an all around player and will be an asset both offensively and defensively.

Strengths and weaknesses of this year’s squad?

Even though we have 3 returning seniors and two juniors I still feel like we are young in some ways. We need to become better at passing. We have strong hitters with potential to grow as the season moves on.

How did you finish last season? What is your goal for this year? Record last year?

We did not make it out of districts last year. The goal for this year would be to improve with each match and really become a stronger passing team.

How many return players do you have?

How many seniors are on the team this year and what are their names?

Sarah Helmuth, Courtney Herman, and Lauren Krenning

How long have you been coaching the sport and this team?

I have been away from volleyball for 17 years and got back into it last year as an assistant for the Fusion. This is my first head coaching job. The game has changed a lot so I am learning.

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