The score didn’t show it, but the Sidney High School girl’s basketball team played well in its loss to Custer County on Tuesday, January 11.

Sidney ended up losing the game 50-33, but the Lady Eagles did well overall in the game.

Custer County held a lead throughout the game, but in the first half, Sidney stayed right there with Custer County.

It wasn’t until the second half where Custer County started to pull away, but it wasn’t because Sidney played bad by any means.

Early in the second quarter, Custer County had a 15-9 lead, and at halftime, Custer County extended its lead slightly to 28-20.

Although the Lady Eagles trailed, they made a run in the second quarter to stay close.

Sidney’s defense was great in the game throughout all four quarters, and it was what really kept the Lady Eagles in the game and gave them a lot of chances.

Offensively, shots simply didn’t fall for the Lady Eagles. They got a lot of quality shots up, including some layups, drives to the basket or open jump shots, but they weren’t falling that night.

Coming out of halftime, Sidney started the third quarter fine, but Custer County had a lot of momentum built up heading into the fourth.

Custer County opened the third quarter by scoring five straight points, but Sidney responded with a few baskets of its own.

Sophie Peters knocked down a jump shot, and Taylan Hansen scored on a layup.

Although Sidney got a few baskets to go, Custer County outscored the Lady Eagles in the quarter.

The Lady Eagles got some really good looks, but the shots just didn’t fall.

Sidney started to build a little momentum at the end of the quarter, as Allyson Nentwig scored on two straight laying near the basket, bringing the score to 41-28, still in Custer County’s favor.

Nentwig struck again to start the fourth quarter, as she made a tightly-contested shot down in the post, cutting the score to 41-30.

Nentwig’s baskets gave the Lady Eagles some momentum, but Custer County quickly took it away.

Custer County only scored three points on free throws, but after Nentwig’s shot to begin the fourth, Sidney went three minutes without a basket.

Jenna Anderson made a free throw with 4:45 left in the game to break the scoreless run for Sidney, but after her point, the Lady Eagles didn’t score again until there was 55 seconds left, when Daisy Snow scored.

Throughout the second half, despite the scoreless droughts, Sidney’s defense did a good job of creating opportunities.

The Lady Eagle defense created turnover after turnover, and it also forced Custer County to take some tough shots.

The only area Sidney was hurt defensively was on the boards, as Custer County had some height that allowed them to grab offensive rebounds.

Custer County played well on both sides of the ball, but this was a game where if a few shots fall for Sidney, the score would be fairly different.

The Lady Eagles got the opportunities to score and played great defense, so with some more made shots, the score would be closer.

Sidney did turn the ball over a fair amount on offense, so with some of these things different in the future, the Lady Eagles will be back on track.

After the game against Custer County, the Lady Eagles have another contest against a conference rival. Sidney hosts Fergus on Saturday, January 15, and that game should be a good one too.

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