After helping lead Savage to its first playoff win in at least four years, Sloan McPherson is going to continue his football career at the University of Montana.

The time is getting closer and closer for Savage High School standout Sloan McPherson to join the University of Montana football team in Missoula.

He signed with the school back in the winter and has been designated as an all-around athlete by the coaching staff already.

McPherson took some time to answer questions about the move to Missoula and what he is expecting from the experience there.

Q: If you haven’t moved in to your dorm yet, what are you feeling and anticipating about the move? If you have moved already, what’s it like moving across the state?

A: I haven’t moved over there yet and I think it’s going to be a huge change moving to such a big town compared to Savage. The biggest change for me will be surrounding myself with people that I have never met before but I’m sure it will feel like home very quick.

Q: If practices have already started, how have they been going? If they haven’t, what are you expecting from them?

A: Practices haven’t started yet but I have been doing workouts they have provided me so at least I have some base before I get there. I’m expecting them to work me hard and bring the best out of me. I’m excited to get up there and compete with some of the best.

Q: Overall, what are you looking forward to with your college experience, both as a student and as a football player?

A: As a student I’m looking forward to meet lots of new people and make some lifelong friends. It’ll be fun being able to hang out with people that I would normally never meet. As a football player I’m looking forward to learning more about the game and playing the best football in Montana. Also surrounding myself with people that will not only better me as a football player but also as a man.

Q: What major will you be studying, and why did you choose it?

A: I will be majoring in integrative physiology because after college I want to continue on to chiropractic school.

Q: Looking back at high school, what are some of the memories you are going to remember the most?

A: The memories I will remember the most will be the road trips we took with the team. We were all really close and we shared lots of good times together.

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