Dillan Schorfheide

Dillan Schorfheide

About a month ago, we were all getting excited to see high school sports start back up and the prospect of getting to see games in-person.

Now, we get to enjoy something else starting up: The NFL.

Week one is in the books, and if your team won, congratulations.

If your team lost, I apologize, but do not worry because there is still a whole season ahead essentially. On top of that, the teams have not had any preseason games to work out all the kinks, so what we saw this week is not the finished product.

I’m writing this before the Dallas Cowboys play the Los Angeles Rams, so depending on how the Cowboys do, my coworkers will either see a happy or angry side of me at work this week.

By the way, yes I will be wearing Cowboys gear around, so if you feel the need to walk up to me at the store and make fun of them, I will not stop you.

Anyway, how great does it feel to have the NFL back?

This really is a terrific time of year, and seeing football games on Sunday just solidifies that even more.

Now, we are back to grabbing a beer with family or friends at each others’ place with a whole roster of snacks lined up, or simply cheering, yelling and/or crying by ourselves in front of a television screen while our significant other or family just rolls their eyes.

We all hate this constant reminder of the pandemic of course, but think about what is happening with sports now.

The NFL is starting up.

The NBA and NHL are in the middle of their playoffs, and the MLB is past the halfway point of its shortened season.

College football just started up recently, too, making this one of the most sports-packed spans of a year ever.

Quite frankly, this is amazing to see sports alive and well, even if there are no fans in some places or distancing is in effect.

Sure the quarantine in the spring and the guidelines for doing everyday things is something we want to get past and forget about, but this pandemic also put the biggest parts of the sports world in front of us at the same time after a break from them.

So, yeah, we cannot buy tickets to go watch our beloved professional teams right now, but we should embrace the opportunity we have to see all these sports at the same time, something that we are not used to.

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