The Park Rangers defeated the Frenchtown Broncos 42-39 on Thursday, March 12 in the 2020 State Class A Boys’ Basketball Tournament held at MetraPark Arena in Billings.

Park Game stats:

Wyatt Saile: three points, two rebounds.

Rylee Watt: one point and four rebounds.

Jack Gauthier: He shot 100 percent from the field on four shots, along with one free-throw, giving him a total of nine points. He also tallied one rebound.

Tristian Stenseth: three points and four rebounds.

Sage McMinn: five points and five rebounds.

Brendon Johnson: led his team with a double-double of 21 points and 13 rebounds.

Total field goal percentage: 36.4 percent. 16/44.

Total three-point percentage: 7.14 percent. 1/14.

Total free throw percentage: 75 percent. 9/12.

Frenchtown Broncos stats:

Cade Baker: eight points, two rebounds and four assists.

Mason Pyron: two points and two rebounds.

Brandon Finley: Two points, six rebounds and two assists.

Hank Rugg: eight points, six rebounds and one assist.

Zack Baker: five points, five rebounds and two assists.

Devin Shelton: He led his team with 14 points on 87.5 percent shooting on eight shots, while also tallying four rebounds.

Total field goal percentage: 37.0 percent. 17/46.

Total three-point percentage: 8.33 percent. 1/12.

Total free throw percentage: 30.8 percent. 4/13.

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