Dan Peters

Dan Peters (five from left) and his players received plaques as part of their hall of fame induction.

Dan Peters, the Sidney High School girl’s basketball coach, recently earned one of the greatest honors in high school sports.

Peters, along with the players on the 1994-1995 Newfound Regional High School boy’s basketball team, were inducted as a team into the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association hall of fame.

The 1994-1995 was a special one for the school and town, and a season capped off by a state championship put the squad into New Hampshire basketball history.

Peters, who was the head coach of the team, said it was a great experience to be at the induction ceremony.

“The time with my former players was awesome,” he said.

It was one of Peters’ first head coaching jobs in his career, and he directed a talented team to a terrific record and postseason run for the title.

More than that, the experience he gained from coaching that team set him up for the rest of his career.

One of the biggest takeaways from it was the confidence he gained for the rest of his career going forward.

Looking back at the team’s run, it also gave Peters more appreciation for how good that team really was.

“All the pieces fit right, and it was a special group of kids. They were super-competitive, played really hard, listened to what I said; like everything I said they did without hesitation,” Peters said.

Peters continued to say that every player on the team not only understood their role but accepted it as well. Getting a team like that is hard, Peters said.

One example of that was the team’s “sixth man,” who was a junior and accepted his role coming off the bench and had a great season, Peters said.

Peters had previously coached the Newfound Regional junior varsity team. Before the induction ceremony, Peters was going through old articles and sorebooks, and when that player was a freshman, he had multiple games where he scored 30 or even 40 points.

On the championship team, he accepted his role coming off the bench, though, which is just one example of the chemistry and understanding the team had.

The 1994-1995 championship team was also special for the community itself, Peters said.

He said that the school hadn’t had a really good team in a long time, so community members embraced the team and followed them everywhere during the season.

Rivalry clashes, revenge wins against good opponents and a great roster all were parts of the team’s run to the state title for Class M, and Peters and his players are now immortalized in the New Hampshi/re half of fame to always commemorate that terrific year.

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