The start of 2022 means more hockey, and the Richland Youth Hockey Teams have plenty of games left this winter.

Here’s a look at when each team will return to action, as well as a look down the road as to when the state tournament starts for each team.

All games and dates referenced are from the Richland Youth Hockey website.

Junior Gold

To start action back up this season, the junior gold team has a three-game road trip.

On Friday, January 7, the Rangers will play against the Fargo junior gold. To round out the weekend, the Rangers will face Northwood on Saturday, January 8 and Minot on Sunday, January 9.

The first home game back for the Rangers will be on Saturday, January 15, when they host Grand Forks.

To close out the season, the Rangers will play in the state tournament, starting March 3 in Crosby.

Girl’s 19U

The girl’s 19U team has a tournament to welcome them back to the action.

Starting Friday, January 9 and lasting through Sunday, the Rangers will play at the Watford City tournament.

After that, the team has a long road trip before playing at Ranger Arena, but they will get that chance on January 29, when the teams host Williston.

The state tournament begins on March 4 and will be held in Bismarck, the same weekend the junior gold team has its tournament.


The Ranger bantam team will get to start its 2022 action with a pair of home games.

On Saturday, January 8, the bantams will host Bismarck White and Bismarck Red.

For the bantams, the state tournament will start on March 11, and it will either be held in Grand Forks or Sidney.

Ranger 12U/14U

Like the 19U girl’s team, the 12U/14U team will also start 2022 at Watford City.

Starting Friday, January 7 and going through Sunday, the Rangers will compete in the tournament.

It won’t take long for the team to be back at Ranger Arena, though, as they host Bismarck on Friday, January 14.

The state tournament for the 12U/14U team will begin on March 11 and will be held in Watford City.


The Ranger peewee team will start 2022 on the road for three games.

On Friday, January 7, the Rangers will face Minot Black. To round out the weekend, the peewees will face Minot Maroon on Saturday, January 8 and Bottineau on Sunday.

The first home game of the new year for the peewees will be on Friday, January 14 against Watford City.

Looking ahead, the state tournament for the peewees will begin March 4 with the location to be determined.

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