Grady Gonsioroski

Richey-Lambert quarterback Grady Gonsioroski (middle) carries the ball while a defender tries to tackle him during the Fusion's 50-14 win over Jordan September 4.

Fairview, Richey-Lambert and Savage had all played a few football games by the time Sidney’s high school team played its first game, but now that every team has played, the standings of each team’s division have more context.

Richey-Lambert and Savage both compete in the six-man east division, Fairview competes in the eight-man east division and Sidney competes in the Class A eastern division (northeast subdivision).

So far, each team is doing well in the standings and can compete in their respective divisions, with plenty of season to go.

All of these standings are current as of September 16, so once the teams play again over the weekend, they will be updated.

SidneyThe Eagles’ five-team division is led by Miles City, which is 1-0 in conference and overall. Lewistown is in second place, 1-0 overall but has not played a conference game yet. Sidney, Glendive and Havre are tied at the bottom of the subdivision with 0-1 conference (and overall) records.

Even though the Eagles started the season with a loss, there is a lot to like about the team going forward, and fans should not worry too much about their current position in the standings.

Sidney played well against Billings Central and nearly defeated the Rams, showing the amount of talent they have and how much of a threat they are.

The other reason to not be concerned about Sidney being 0-1 is that two of its opponents within the subdivision (Havre and Glendive) are also both 0-1, and Lewistown is 0-0 in conference play.

This means there is no big mountain to climb early on to ‘get back’ into the standings competitively. Overall in the eastern division, the only other teams with wins are Billings Central and Laurel, so there is no big concern of falling behind yet.

Richey-Lambert/SavageRichey-Lambert is at the top of the conference with a 2-0 conference record (3-0 overall record), along with Froid/Medicine Lake, which is 2-0 in conference play and overall.

The Fusion look to be, early on, a clear favorite to come out of the eastern division. The Fusion’s defense and offense have both been terrific to start the season, as the Fusion’s average margin of victory through the first three games was 39.33 points.

Savage is 1-1 in conference play and overall, tied in the middle of the division with Wibaux. The Warriors are favored ahead of Wibaux as of right now, though, due to the Warriors’ 56-0 win over Wibaux to start the season.

Savage also lost 50-19 to Froid/Med. Lake, so the middle of the standings is a good spot for Savage until they make a move to go up a spot.

FairviewThe Warriors are alone in second place, just behind the 3-0 Westby-Grenora (MonDak) Thunder and just ahead of 2-1 Ekalaka.

Fairview looks to be a good contender early on, as the Warriors defeated Ekalaka already, a good win early in the season. Westby-Grenora looks tough through its first three games, though, so when those teams meet October 2, the outcome will show which team is likely going to take the top spot in the division.

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