Savage Warriors kicked off their 2019-20 season at home on a misty Saturday evening. The weather did little to stop fans from coming out and supporting the Warriors on their debut home game.

As fans lined the sidelines, Savage received the opening kickoff after the visiting Mondak Thunder deferred the kick on the coin toss. Caught by Thunder’s Gage Bloesser on the Mondak 30 yard line. At second and goal, Sloan McPherson scored the first touchdown of the night with a 10-yard run through Mondak defense. After an attempted two-point conversion, the score is 6-0 with Savage in the lead.

Mondak offense was quick to respond with a touchdown after weaving through Savage defense, tying the score at 6-6. Quarterback Logan Nelson launched a pass to McPherson for first down on the goal line, who then punched a 3-yard run in for a touchdown which brought the score to 12-6.

Mondak then made it to first and goal and landed a touchdown pass once again tying the score 12-12. The first quarter ended with Savage possession at second and goal.

Start of the second quarter, Savage fumbled the ball and it was recovered by the Mondak on the Mondak goal line. Mondak sped through Savage defense for a touchdown across the field. Bloesser then received the kick running to the Mondak 20-yard line however on the drive, they turnover on downs. On the next possession, Mondak fumbled and Savage recovered at the Mondak 36-yard line. The Warriors were unable to score. At the end of the half, Mondak scored with 20 seconds left on the clock 12-24.

Top of the third quarter, Mondak received the kick and swiftly scored making the score 12-31 with the conversion good. On the next drive, Mondak quarterback Holecek fumbled in the end zone but recovered resulting in a safety for Savage. The score was 14-31. Savage offense powered by McPherson pushes through the Mondak defense scoring a touchdown 20-31. A pass at the end of the third by Mondak resulted in a touchdown 20-39.

The Warriors offense was held silent in the fourth quarter with Mondak scoring two touchdowns. Final score was 20-53, Thunder on top.

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