While all the other sports teams in the area have begun their fall season, so too is the Sidney High School cheer team.

The first event of the season for the cheer team is the Sidney football game on Friday, September 3 against Park.

Tayler Lange, the head coach of the cheer team, said she and the team are excited to have their season start.

Leading up to the season, the team has been practicing at 6 a.m. before school. Lange said she wasn’t sure how the team would handle practicing that early, but the team responded well and has put in great work at practice.

“They’re doing amazing, for this being such an adjustment for them,” Lange said.

All the work the cheer team has been putting in will culminate in what they do at the football game and beyond.

For the football game, the cheer team and dance team will have worked together for the flags during the national anthem.

As far as the cheers themselves go, Lange said the team has kept cheers from the past, but has made some modifications.

The small adjustments to the cheers are aiming to get the crowd more engaged and participate more, Lange added.

“We have some really good team captains that are very motivated in keeping the crowd alive and engaged with us,” she said.

While cheerleaders are seen most often at games after school, Lange and the team are starting to bring more energy while in school.

For example, the cheerleaders have decorated athletes’ lockers at school, and they will have a big run-through poster for the football team at home games.

“I’m just trying to bring back how it used to be, like yeah we’re the spirit squad but that doesn’t just mean cheering at games. You have to engage that at school too, not just at the games,” Lange said.

She added that the team has spent a lot of time trying to get locker decorations and make a lot of posters.

“I just hope the kids see that they really are putting in a lot of work to try and bring back some school spirit,” Lange said.

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