The ultimate showdown takes place Sunday, November 8 at Swanson Field at Sidney High School as the annual Powderpuff football game is set to take place.

In this corner, girls from the junior class look to make a splash in their first year of playing in the game against the battle-tested seniors.

In the opposite corner stand the girls from the senior class, who have the experience in the game and know that their reputation is at stake.

Through it all, members of the football team from each class will be guiding the players to victory.

Best of all, the proceeds from the game will assist the Sidney High School Close Up group in going on its trip to Washington D.C. in April 2021.

The Close Up group is a civic education organization, said Serenity Kuntz, a senior at Sidney High School.

The members of Close Up at the high school include Kuntz, Noah Kyhl, Ecriselia Flores, Claire Frank, Josie Yockim and Daniel Schneider.

“We’re (in Washington D.C.) for six days, and it pretty much provides us as students with knowledge and skills to be active citizens. They describe it as using D.C. as a living classroom, and it’s just empowering young people to become engaged,” she said.

A lot of unique opportunities are available for the students that go: There is an opportunity to stay with other students from around the country, and they all visit a lot of different memorials and learn about them.

Perhaps the most unique part of visiting the memorials is that when a group of students visits a memorial, they stop and debate about the subject that the memorial is representing.

Going further, Kuntz said the students will get to see a live debate between politicians, go to Capitol Hill to meet members of Congress and get to visit the Supreme Court, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Students also get to visit Arlington National Cemetery, and the final night, there is a big banquet and dance. Usually, though, Brad Faulhaber, a high school social science teacher, lets the students stay an extra day and do other things.

Affording the trip is where Powderpuff comes in. Each of the players and coaches in the game pays a fee to be involved, then there is a fee for people to come in to watch the game and concessions as well.

Kuntz added that since the students did not get to go last year, there is still money left over that will help them pay for the trip this year. As they raise more money before the trip, it will get split up between the students going (currently five students are going), and if they do not raise enough, then the students will pay the difference themselves.

Three members of the senior class, Tate Wieferich, Rebecca Aldrich and Jaylen Baxter, all said that it feels good knowing that the Powderpuff game will help their fellow students be able to make the trip.

Wieferich, who is a running back on the football team, said it is cool to be on the other side of things now as a coach.

“Oh it’s a whole fun experience, especially when it’s just you and your friends trying to coach people who don’t know a whole lot about football,” he said.

Aldrich, who has played volleyball and hockey, and Baxter, a member of the cross country team, said they are confident that they and their fellow seniors will get the win. Baxter added that they know a thing or two about football from playing flag football when they were younger.

Aldrich added that having the football players out there is fun, and that they teach the girls a lot.

Wieferich said the senior playbook is classified as of right now, but he is very confident that the seniors will get the victory.

Kuntz, a runner on the cross country team, said she will be playing in the game and possibly assisting with concessions or something else during the game if needed.

The game is scheduled to take place at 3:30 p.m. on November 8, and the admission fee is $5.

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