Sidney Eaglettes

Sidney Eaglettes show off awards received at the Universal Cheerleading Association Camp this summer, front row from left, Ashlee LeFors, Kylie Bernison, Jessica Romo, Lily Johnson, Madison Sparks and Bryanna Brakefield. Back row: Cassidy Waddley, Hailey Ivory and Amelia Hayden.

Sidney Eagle Cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) Camp in July and returned a better team, coach Katie Dasinger said. They received the accolades to prove it.

The Eaglettes won an improvement trophy, given to teams who show the most improvement from the first day of camp until the last. They also received first place overall for the Game Day award.

“Game Day is what our team tries to compete in nationally,” Dasinger said. “The whole idea of Game Day is how do you take your school’s traditions, like school spirit, cheers and fight songs, and incorporate them into a single performance.”

The young women also earned the camp leadership award.

“Each team and each coach is asked what team would they be a part of except their own team,” Dasinger said. “Every other team picked Sidney. The idea is that they represented great traditions, leadership, team work, commitment, drive. People wanted to be doing what they were doing.”

Cheerleaders Jessica Romo, Lily Johnson and Cassidy Waddley received All American Awards. Dasinger explained each of the attending 10 teams picks six people to try out. Out of those, 20 percent across the country get named All American. Competitors have to do a jump, cheer and a dance.

“Once they become All American, they have the opportunity to cheer in the New Year’s Day Parade in London,” Dasinger said. Johnson is a second-time All American and cheered in the parade last year.

Johnson received the Pin It Forward award from UCA, one of four given out to approximately 100 athletes. The award is given to someone who embodies leadership, team spirit, commitment and athleticism.

The Eaglettes first performance of the school year will be at coronation in September.

“This group of girls has a ton of potential,” Dasinger said. “If they can take everything they learned at camp, from teamwork and unity to skills, they’re going to be fantastic. We are very excited to see where they take it.”

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