“The Sidney Girls Basketball team participated in the 13th Annual Dawson Community College High School Basketball Tourney from June 19–21 in Glendive.

The Eagles had the opportunity to play travel teams from Bismarck, N.D., Forsyth and Scobey, Mont.

The tournament allowed the Sidney Girls Basketball squad to play some competitive games and grow as a team. Unfortunately, many of the summer high school basketball tournaments and camps have been cancelled this year, due to COVID-19.

At this tournament, the Sidney High School girls played four games in a short amount of time against a variety of opponents they would not normally face during the regular season.

The lady Eagles have also been participating in weekly Open Gyms and playing individual games against local teams each week.

So far this summer, the Eagles have played or are scheduled to play Culbertson, Richey-Lambert, Plentywood, Bainville, Circle, and the Sidney Freshmen Boys.

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