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Sidney Public Schools updated its guidelines for fan attendance at fall sports, and non-local fans will now be allowed to attend games with tickets.

Sidney Public Schools has made an adjustment to the guidelines it previously released regarding fan attendance at sporting events, as they will now allow out-of-town spectators.

In the first draft released by the school, it said only local fans would be allowed to attend games, and the ticket system was more restrictive.

Originally, athletes, cheerleaders and pep band members were going to be given four tickets for each event, and they could have given those to family, friends and fans to come to the game.

Now, the district will give four tickets to home athletes and cheerleaders, and they will give two tickets to band members. On top of that, SPS will give 60 tickets to visiting volleyball and football teams for their spectators.

Visiting fans will have a designated seating area at football and volleyball games.

For golf invites, SPS will give the visiting teams 20 tickets.

Even with this new ticket system in place, people will still have to pay a fee at the entrance.

A fee of $6 for adults and $2 for students ($3/$2 for sub-varsity and middle school) will still be required at the gate.

Masks will be required upon entry at all indoor events. At outdoor events, masks will only be required when six feet of distance cannot be maintained.

The district will not be selling adult/community activity passes this year, so everyone will need to pay the single game fee. MHSA/MCA/MOA eagle gold passes can be used to waive the gate fee, but you must still have the appropriate ticket to get in.

As far as high school students — those who do not participate in the sport, in cheer or in pep band, are concerned — they can get their tickets to the game in the office prior to each event.

Student activity tickets will not be sold or accepted this year, so all students will pay the $2 fee each time they go to a game.

Children ages 5 to eighth grade will must have one of the four tickets given to them, and they will need to follow the same guidelines as adults.

Children ages 0-5 must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket, and these children are not required to wear a mask. People are asked to keep children with their family and to limit running around.

Cheerleaders and pep band will be allowed at select games with social distancing guidelines, and concessions will be limited at events, too.

The use of the National Federation of State High School (NFHS) video-streaming network is encouraged for people to still be able to watch the games if they cannot attend in-person. People can subscribe to the Eagles’ page for $69.99 a year, or $10 for a month. A portion of these fees goes directly back to the Eagles. Visit:

Middle school events will follow the same guidelines as the high school, with some slight modifications to the ticket system. Some ticket numbers may also change based on the seating capacity of the smaller gyms.

No matter what, though, no ticket means no entry.

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