The All-Conference honors for the Eastern six-man football division have been released, and multiple players from Savage High School and Richey-Lambert were named to the list.

For Savage, seniors Caesn Erickson and Cooper Hofer received All-Conference honors, and for the Fusion, senior Grady Gonsioroski and juniors Layne Herman and Tiegen Cundiff received the honors.

Erickson was a staple of the Savage offense, leading the team as quarterback, and Hofer was a great lineman on offense and defense.

Gonsioroski was a big playmaker for the Fusion at the quarterback position, and Cundiff made some great plays with runs and by catching passes. Herman was a good lineman who could also make other plays on offense.

Savage fell just short of making the playoffs, but the Warriors put together a solid season overall.

Richey-Lambert put together another winning season and made a great playoff appearance, winning on the road in the first round.

Out of the east, Froid/Medicine Lake won the state six-man title, defending their 2020 title run. The Redhawks led the east with four All-Conference selections, and the Fusion had the second-most with three selections.

Here is the full list of All-Conference selections for the Eastern Division.

Mason Dethman, Froid/Medicine Lake

Brett Stentoft, Froid/Medicine Lake

Connor Huft, Froid/Medicine Lake

Ashdyn Hobbs, Froid/Medicine Lake

Grady Gonsioroski, Richey-Lambert

Layne Herman, Richey-Lambert

Tiegen Cundiff, Richey-Lambert

Caesn Erickson, Savage

Cooper Hofer, Savage

Braeden Romo, Bainville

Jesse Strickland, Bainville

Walker Colvin, Jordan

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