Team Sidney defeated Team Germany 42-26 at the Richland County Fair and Rodeo Wrestling Duals Wednesday night. It was a sweet redemption for the Eagle team, who were defeated by Germany at their last meet-up in Sidney two years ago.

“We’ve been back from Florida for a month and half, so we’re not in wrestling shape,” Sidney Eagle Head Coach Guy Melby said. “It was fun. Our guys came out and competed really well.”

The German exchange team has been in Montana all week, arriving first for a match-up with a Billings team, touring West Yellowstone, traveling to eastern Montana and spending a day at Fort Peck with Team Sidney. For the Germans, it was a memorable experience and one of their favorite parts of the visit.

“In Germany, we just have small lakes and no one owns their own boat,” Team Germany Coach Andre Wuchenauer said.

For Melby, true to his nature, he just likes to get down to business.

“I’m not much into the political stuff and the meetings. I just want to wrestle. Wrestle, practice and watch our guys get better. That’s my main goal,” he said.

End-of-summer matches like the one at the fair helps Melby’s team stay focused for the upcoming season. The duals against Germany included four Greco style matches out of 20, with the rest as freestyle. Greco style forbids any holds below the waist.

“Anytime we can go and wrestle somebody we do,” Melby said. “Doesn’t matter what style. That’s just another match in our belt. There’s a lot of other teams out there that aren’t doing that. They’re not going to Florida and Minneapolis and getting 20, 25 matches. You just get one here, but to wrestle another country — how many people get to do that?”

A team from Montana will travel to Germany next year for another competition. Melby said there will likely be a couple guys from Sidney on the team, but they are careful who they take because the rules and laws are so different across the pond. Typically, they bring graduating seniors.

To end their visit in Sidney, Team Germany will take in a day at the Richland County Fair and Rodeo before traveling to Lewistown for a competition, after which they will make their way back home.

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