The season is underway for the Sidney Tiger Sharks, and Marie Holler, the head coach, is excited that swim season is finally back.

Swim season officially started June 1, which is the first day teams were allowed to start practicing.

Holler said that so far, practices have been great, and one thing that has been great to see is how excited the swimmers are too.

“They are so excited and they already have goals set in mind for the season, which I love because we do goal-setting right away,” Holler said.

Some of these goals include breaking the swimmers’ own personal records, as well as the federation records and pool records.

With all the excitement that can come just from the season starting up, one thing that Holler is specifically excited for is the numbers on the team.

In the 13-14 and 11-12 age groups, there are a large number of girls on the team. The 13-14 year old boy group has grown, Holler said, and there are four 15-19-year-old boys on the team, which is a great sign.

Holler added that there was one lone boy on the team for two seasons, so the increase in numbers for that is fantastic.

Overall, Holler said the program has 94 swimmers, which includes 20 swimmers for the Shark Pups.

Another great sign that Holler said she is seeing so far is how in-shape and ready the swimmers are.

No matter the sport, there is usually a one-or-two week period where the athletes have to get “back into shape” for that sport and shake the rust off.

So far, though, Holler said everyone already looks really good in practice.

Holler said especially for the kids who have been swimming for awhile, their muscle memory is built up so well. The result of that is that Holler has seen swimmers start the first meet of the season with the same time that they had at the end of the previous season.

And as the season starts to get going more and more, Holler said the key for her is that her swimmers keep improving throughout the season and keep beating their own time.

“Not everybody can make top 12, but if they can beat themselves that is so satisfying. That’s what gets you back in the pool the next week to practice again and keep pushing yourself, and I really emphasize that,” Holler said.

One other thing Holler said is exciting is the atmosphere surrounding the swim meets.

Since they take two days, a lot of families bring campers and hang out together during down time, which creates a great family atmosphere, Holler said.

As the season gets going, the Tiger Sharks certainly have a lot to be excited about, from the numbers on the team to the experience and talent on the team.

The team won’t have a home meet until July 17 and July 18, but until then, the Tiger Sharks have a lot of time to compete and build themselves up for the postseason.

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