Piper Hurley

Piper Hurley goes up for a block during Fairview High School volleyball team's 3 sets to 1 loss to Froid/Medicine Lake September 10.

Fairview, Richey-Lambert and Savage all have wins under their belt, but in the high school volleyball standings, they are separated by a few spots between each other.

Sidney is still looking for its first win of the season, as the team finds itself toward the bottom of its subdivision.

While the Eagles look for footing in the Class A Northeastern subdivision, Fairview, Richey-Lambert and Savage are looking to stand out among a crowded field in the District 1C standings.

All of these standings are current as of September 16, so once the teams play over the weekend, the standings will be updated.

Fairview/Richey-Lambert/SavageA 1-2 record to start the season (0-1 in conference) has Fairview just a few spots from last place in District 1C, but counting the Warriors out would be a mistake.

Fairview head coach Mustafa Kara said the team prides itself on its defense and has a good pool of talent, so a slow start in the season should not deter the Warriors from moving up in the standings in the coming weeks.

Even though Fairview does not have a conference win under its belt yet, it should not be long before Fairview sees that zero change into a one, which should help get the ball rolling.

After a season-opening loss to Richey-Lambert, Kara said the team had a lot to work on, but once those kinks are worked out, the Warriors will be a tough opponent for other teams.

Richey-Lambert is right in the middle of the District 1C standings, with a 2-1 conference record (4-2 overall). The Fusion’s head coach, Shasta Senner, said they are a good offensive team, and that has shown through the team’s four wins.

After the season-opening win over Fairview, Richey-Lambert assistant coach Michelle Switzer said the team was working on its defense, so if the Fusion can match a consistent defense with its offense, watch out for the Fusion going forward.

Savage has stood out the most among the Richland County teams, as the Warriors are second in District 1C with a 2-0 record in conference play (4-1 overall).

The Warriors have a good win under their belt already this season, a 3 sets to 0 win over Richey-Lambert, but the Warriors also lost to Froid/Medicine Lake 3 sets to 0, which is lower than them in the standings.

Overall, though, Savage is one of the better teams in District 1C and will be a team to watch going into the rest of the season.

SidneyThe Eagles are fourth in their subdivision (0-1 in conference, 0-2 overall), but the slow start can be remedied.

Sidney faced the top team in the subdivision, Glendive (Dawson County), already, and despite losing 3 sets to 0, the Eagles played well and put together good stretches of scoring.

There is a lot of talent on the Eagles’ squad, and once the team puts everything together, they will get the ball rolling.

The Eagles have good hitters on the outside, and the defense can play well, which it showed against Dawson County in the opener.

Sidney will get that first win soon, and once it does, the team will have some momentum going forward.

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