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Sidney Herald sports editor Dillan Schorfheide hosts "Casual Fridays" on Facebook, when he discusses local sports with guests offering their perspective. 

Every day is a casual day for Dillan. I wish.

Seriously, the “Casual Fridays with Dillan” live segments we do on the Sidney Herald’s Facebook page are going really well so far. I could not be more excited about doing them.

The Facebook Live format is good, too. We talk about any new information, including upcoming sporting events, and try to have a little fun. After all, it is casual.

In our latest live talk, we featured Sidney Public Schools Activities Director Chris Lee, who discussed fan attendance guidelines the district released. If you did not see that interview live, watch it on the Sidney Herald Facebook page.

We hope to have similar guests on the show in the future, whether it be an athletic director from another school or a coach from one of the schools in our coverage area.

We welcome feedback. You can comment during the live feed, on the post after we are done, or email me at

I think it is important for all of our readers to know who I am. Putting my face in front of the camera is a great way to do that. It is also a good way to get more information to you all. There is no way we could fit a whole story in the paper about every game happening every single weekend, so we can sum it up more easily in this format.

I also want to thank Meadowlark Brewing for sponsoring these Facebook Live chats. Without their support, we could not do them.

Make sure to tune in every Friday when we go live, typically at 3 p.m., unless circumstances change (which we will announce).

We cannot wait to bring you more sports, fun quizzes and challenges each and every Friday.

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